About Jones Brown

Jones Brown Core Values

The foundation of our core values and the reason our company was formed, is to provide a great customer experience.

Here is what we believe:

* Our customers come first. Our role is to support them.

* Expertise, integrity and dedication are the foundation of trust.

* We anticipate and communicate so that our customers are fully informed.

* Listening is crucial.

* Availability and responsiveness are aspects of quality.

* We will exceed our customers' expectations.

Providing a great customer experience is why Jones Brown was created. In the nineties, excessive merger activity among the large brokers turned the insurance industry away from client focus. Brian Jones and Donald Brown saw the need for a corporate insurance and risk management firm that would provide personalized service and specialized expertise. That need remains and Jones Brown, founded in 1997, continues to meet the challenge.

Our People

Jones Brown people are proven insurance experts absolutely committed to providing the best possible risk management advice and insurance coverage - as an essential part of your great customer experience.

As a team, we have immediate access to a wide range of specialty services and complementary resources, including global insurance markets.

As individuals, we are experienced, communicative specialists, applying fully developed insights and extensive insider knowledge.

Grant Robinson and his "TEAM" have handled the Soaring Association of Canada aviation insurance needs since 1987. We have a proud history with SAC and look foward to serving your insurance requirements.